Fair Book Classes & Competitions

Class 29 Pre-Kindergarten

COMMITTEE: Jennifer Woodhouse (599-5379)

Children enter the section for their age at the time of the Fair. Please state child's name and age on the entry tag so that the age is visible by the judge. The judge will consider age. Address and phone number must be included in order to receive prize money.

Prizes: 1st - $3, 2nd - $2, 3rd - $1

2 years and under:

  1. Colouring page of a farm animal coloured using crayon only
  2. Flowers for “Mum”. Fresh flowers in any container. Container not judged.
  3. 12 pretty stones displayed in an egg carton
  4. Tractor painting: Using a toy tractor, dip the wheels in paint and drive across paper to create a picture
  5. Decorate a hardboiled egg. Any media

3 and 4 years of age:

  1. Homemade "Lego" tractor or farm implement
  2. Plasticine or play dough farm animal displayed on a piece of cardboard
  3. Portrait of “A Farmer” Any media
  4. Trace your hand with the help of an adult and decorate with any media as any farm animal
  5. Make a “Mr. Potato Head” using a real potato
  6. High points PRIZE

1 Horse Show view details
2 Grain & Hay view details
3 Field Crops view details
4 Fruits view details
5 Garden Vegetables view details
6 Culinary Arts view details
7 Preserves view details
8 Home Crafts view details
9 Golden Age view details
10 Display Challenge view details
11 Art view details
12 Crafts view details
13 Amateur Photography view details
14 Antiques view details
15 Floral Exhibits view details

School Age

17 Photography view details
18 Vegetables view details
19 Fruit view details
20 Flowers view details
21 Model Building view details
22 Design and Technology view details
23 Kitchen Creations view details
24 Junior and Senior Kindergarten view details
25 Grades 1 and 2 view details
26 Grades 3 and 4 view details
27 Grades 5 and 6 view details
28 Grades 7 and 8 view details
29 Pre-Kindergarten view details



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