Fair Book Classes & Competitions

Class 12 Crafts

COMMITTEE:  Peggy Slama (599-6289), Mae Lanktree

Prizes for Nos. 1 – 22 - 1st - $5, 2nd - $4, 3rd - $3

  1. Framed stone art
  2. Handmade bookmark, any medium
  3. Two (2) pieces of jewellery, mounted.  Can be necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc.
  4. Garden ornament made using sticks and stones
  5. Decorated driftwood article
  6. Wooden spoon decorated using a burn technique
  7. Fall Table decoration using natural container i.e. pumpkin, gourd or coconut, etc.
  8. Handmade cards, using stencils and stamps, no use of computer, any theme, two (2) of the same theme
  9. Gift for Grandma or mom, handmade
  10. Ready to hang artwork
  11. Decorated Tea Towel, must still be functional
  12. Homemade teddy bear, under 12 inches
  13. Toy for an infant (under 2 years old), any medium
  14. Pet toy, any medium, less than 12” in length/height
  15. Model car, airplane or structure, built from a kit or homemade pattern
  16. Homemade deodorant made using essential oils. Sample to be under 125 ml/4oz. Recipe to be included.
  17. Something useful from something useless
  18. “Using your imagination” craft

Christmas Crafts

  1. Two (2) Christmas tree Ornaments, icicle or crystal theme
  2. Handmade Christmas stocking
  3. Snowman table decoration, any medium
  4. Decorated gift bag, using brown paper bag

Specials - Prize for first place. The Fair Board offers 2nd & 3rd prizes of $4 and $3

  1. Any article of glass, ceramic or wood not listed elsewhere in the Fair book
  2. Any item painted using chalk paint, with accents using wax or washes
  3. Scrapbooking, 300 x 300 mm sheet, “Expressions” theme – photos should show at least 3 different facial expressions
  4. My favourite Pinterest craft item. Submit a handmade craft that you made after you discovered it on Pinterest
  5. Highest Points                                                          PRIZE
  6. 2nd Highest Points                                                   PRIZE
  7. 3rd Highest Points                                                    PRIZE

1 Horse Show view details
2 Grain & Hay view details
3 Field Crops view details
4 Fruits view details
5 Garden Vegetables view details
6 Culinary Arts view details
7 Preserves view details
8 Home Crafts view details
9 Golden Age view details
10 Display Challenge view details
11 Art view details
12 Crafts view details
13 Amateur Photography view details
14 Antiques view details
15 Floral Exhibits view details
16 Farm Produce view details

School Age

17 Photography view details
18 Vegetables view details
19 Fruit view details
20 Flowers view details
21 Model Building view details
22 Design and Technology view details
23 Kitchen Creations view details
24 Junior and Senior Kindergarten view details
25 Grades 1 and 2 view details
26 Grades 3 and 4 view details
27 Grades 5 and 6 view details
28 Grades 7 and 8 view details
29 Pre-Kindergarten view details
30 Farm Safety Poster Competition view details

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